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An achy jaw, tension headaches, and teeth grinding are just a few of the symptoms of TMJ. A condition that affects the temporomandibular joint in your jawbone, TMJ sufferers find relief at Brooklyn Chiropractic Studio under the expert care of Dr. Megan Hondru. With a convenient office in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Megan offers natural and holistic methods to treat TMJ and resolve the underlying causes of jaw pain.

TMJ Dysfunction Q & A

What causes TMJ?

As the primary “hinge” that connects your jaw to your skull, the temporomandibular joint can become compromised for various reasons, including:

  • Loss of cartilage on the bone of the joint
  • Disc erosion or movement, which causes the joint to become misaligned 
  • An injury or impact to the jaw that damages the joint 
  • Arthritis, which causes inflammation in the joint
  • Teeth grinding or clenching, which puts stress on the joint

In other cases, a disease of the connective tissue can cause problems with the temporomandibular joint that leads to symptoms of TMJ. 

How does chiropractic treat TMJ?

Using specific techniques that adjust cranial alignment and function, and address the muscles associated with  chiropractic care can help resolve symptoms of TMJ and relieve the debilitating pain often associated with this condition.

Dr. Megan specializes in the craniosacral technique and the sacro occipital technique. They involve gentle pressure and massage on areas like the skull, neck, and sacrum.

She tailors the specific chiropractic adjustments to your symptoms, while focusing on supporting your nervous system and eliminating stress and tension in the body.

Dr. Megan might also suggest lifestyle changes, supplements, detoxification protocols, or at-home physical therapy exercises that support your jaw’s health. 

What are the benefits of chiropractic care for TMJ?

Many patients report immediate relief from TMJ pain after just one chiropractic session. However, it can be beneficial to complete a comprehensive treatment program under Dr. Megan’s guidance to ensure your pain does not reoccur.

Aside from pain relief, you’ll probably find that chiropractic care helps to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, and improve the length and quality of your sleep.

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for patients of all ages, and you can use it alone or concurrently with other treatment methods. Dr. Megan is one of the most skilled holistic craniosacral experts in the area, and her chiropractic services are effective for children, teens, and adults.

To eliminate your TMJ pain, call the office or book your initial appointment today with the easy online scheduler.

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