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Chiropractic is an excellent tool to support a growing child and optimize their health. From the birth process, to learning to walk, to accidents on the playground, and heavy backpacks, these are some of the reasons to support wellness checks for your infant, child, or teen. Chiropractic for younger spines is different. A baby’s spine can be checked with no more force than it takes to check the ripeness of a tomato or avocado. The younger the patient, the faster they tend to respond to chiropractic care, as their subluxations are not as chronic or deeply rooted. Parents often report an improvement in sleep, disposition (the attitude adjustment), coordination, immune function, and concentration. A child cared for by a chiropractor receives abundant benefits, but perhaps the most significant value is the chiropractic kid has the opportunity to develop their nervous system subluxation free under clear coordination and control. What a wonderful way to help them reach their highest potential. 

Dr. Megan has completed advanced training in pediatric care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the organization at the forefront of high quality, effective chiropractic care for babies, children, and teens. With over a decade of experience caring for little ones and a gentle and fun approach, her skill is unmatched by most. She is currently working towards toward the completion of her advanced pediatric certificate.

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