Cutting Edge New Science

There are still advances and discoveries being made in human anatomy and physiology, especially neurology. Scientists have created a new theory called polyvagal by recategorizing a cranial nerve into its own branch of your nervous system. This latest addition to our understanding of the nervous system is the social vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is one of our cranial nerves that wanders from our brain stem to our guts. It is thought that our autonomic nervous system, or that part of our nervous system which is not controlled by conscious thought, has this third branch. We do not vacillate between just fight/flight and rest/digest. Instead, the function of our organs is also stimulated through our social vagus nerve by face to face interaction.

This means that quality social time keeps our bodies in balance. Put down the Facebook, and go to lunch with a friend. Instead of the yoga DVD at home, try that yoga class in person. Sharing with people in community is what keeps us healthy and nourishes our nervous system balance. This is a new understanding of the many reasons we have evolved to be social beings.

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