Chiropractic & Immunity: How Does It Relate?

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Well, it seems that cold, cough, flu and general yucky season is upon us. I tell all my patients to come in for an adjustment when they are sick... As long as they feel well enough to get out of bed. Why? you may ask. Shouldn't they stay at home and not spread germs? I have some information for you about immunity that might turn your preconceptions upside down. 

Germs are everywhere. Yup. Everywhere. If getting sick were really about our exposure to germs, we would be sick ALL THE TIME. Of course, some germs are more contagious than others and that's a factor to consider. And of course we should absolutely be washing our hands frequently. But why do some of us get that super contagious flu or cold and some of us don't? The answer lies in the state of our immune system. Is our immune system functioning at a high level or have we been depleting it? 

Let's circle back to how chiropractic and immunity relate. Chiropractic adjustments remove stress and interference to the function of your spine and nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates functions in all the cells, tissues, and organs of our bodies. This includes those of our immune system, like our bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, and white blood cells. Our nervous system can better coordinate an immune response when we are adjusted and our nervous system is functioning at its best. So, chiropractic adjustments are paramount to getting us through the winter months.

Here's my full list of ways to care for your immune system in the winter:

Dr. Megan Hondru

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